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The basic principle of hypnosis treatment for smoking cessation is to bring those unhealthy thoughts to the surface and to replace them with more positive thoughts that encourage the smoker to cease leaning on something so dangerous to one’s health. Clients may be asked, under hypnosis, to share what they know that the unpleasant outcomes of smoking could be. The idea is to make the patient understand the three critical principles of quitting.

  • Smoking poisons the human body
  • The body is needed to live
  • Protect your body to the extent that you would prefer to live

You Are Fed Up With All The Excuses

  • “If I quit smoking, I will gain weight.”

What if you don”t eat to replace cigarettes?

  • “Quitting Smoking is hard.”

It’s easy if you are calm about doing it.

  • “I will have cravings.”

If you don’t give in to cravings, you win and they vanish.


You know that you have had it with all the excuses and rationalizations. When you are ready to finally quit smoking, stop smoking hypnosis can help you break the habit.

  • testimonials
  • Samantha Briggs 03.05.2016

    “I was struggling with sleep issues and Korey helped me. He was really nice and made me feel comfortable and relaxed. I found Korey’s voice to be soothing. He checked in a number of times to make sure I was doing ok. After the session it was great that he provided me with a recording so I could listen to it at home. I feel Korey went above and beyond and I am so very thankful.”

  • Kathy Bazinet 24.05.2016

    “As a mother of a teenage daughter, I am very thankful to Korey for his support. My daughter has been struggling with sleep issues for a while now. Korey took the time to understand the issue and was really a big help.”

  • Lee Pryke 29.03.2017
    “I used the smoking cessation program from Korey Snider Hypnosis and found it easy to listen to. The results were impressive from the first session. Each session reduced my urge to smoke. His voice is easy to listen to and, in fact; I sleep better when listening to the recording at bed time. I am pleased with the results of this program. I am now using his Abundance recording which is very relaxing and although it has only been a few times it is having an amazing effect on my thought process. I would highly recommend any of Korey’s programs.”