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Hypnosis isn’t about convincing you that you don’t feel pain, it’s about helping you manage the fear and anxiety associated with that pain. Hypnosis relaxes you and redirects your attention from the sensation of pain. In a hypnosis session, which usually lasts from 30 minutes – 1 hour, you will start by focusing on your breathing to help you relax. You will be instructed to imagine a pleasant place which refocuses your attention from something that triggers negative emotions to something that will activate positive emotions, such as being at a beach.

When your mind is at the beach and you’re imagining the warmth of the sun, the cooness of the breeze, the sand on your feet, you’ll be less focused on your pain and ready for the suggestions of how to react to pain in the future, An example of Pain Management suggestion could be “ I am calm and relaxed, my body is warm, limp, and relaxed, this pain is temporary and will go away soon”.


A meta-analysis (a study of studies) in 2000 of 18 published studies by psychologists Guy Montgomery, PhD, Katherine Duhamel, PhD, and William Redd, PhD, showed that 75% of clinical and experimental participants with different types of pain obtained substantial pain relief from hypnotic techniques. Thus, hypnosis is likely to be effective for most people suffering from diverse forms of pain, with the possible exception of a minority of patients who are resistant to hypnotic interventions. Drs. Patterson and Jensen indicate that hypnotic strategies are equivalent or more effective than other treatments for both acute and chronic pain, and they are likely to save both money and time for patients and clinicians. Evidence suggests that hypnosis might be considered a standard of treatment unless the person fails to respond to it or shows a strong opposition against it.


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  • Samantha Briggs 03.05.2016

    “I was struggling with sleep issues and Korey helped me. He was really nice and made me feel comfortable and relaxed. I found Korey’s voice to be soothing. He checked in a number of times to make sure I was doing ok. After the session it was great that he provided me with a recording so I could listen to it at home. I feel Korey went above and beyond and I am so very thankful.”

  • Kathy Bazinet 24.05.2016

    “As a mother of a teenage daughter, I am very thankful to Korey for his support. My daughter has been struggling with sleep issues for a while now. Korey took the time to understand the issue and was really a big help.”

  • Lee Pryke 29.03.2017
    “I used the smoking cessation program from Korey Snider Hypnosis and found it easy to listen to. The results were impressive from the first session. Each session reduced my urge to smoke. His voice is easy to listen to and, in fact; I sleep better when listening to the recording at bed time. I am pleased with the results of this program. I am now using his Abundance recording which is very relaxing and although it has only been a few times it is having an amazing effect on my thought process. I would highly recommend any of Korey’s programs.”